With our advanced VoIP home telephone packages, you can enjoy lower call rates, special UK mobile rates, and free international calls - all for as little as £5.00 per month, and all without changing your existing phone or your existing number!


Voice over IP (Digital Phone) is a revolutionary technology that converts information into digital packages that’s transmitted across the internet, as opposed to the switching network. It can offer all the reliability of a traditional telephone service, but at a significantly lower price.

If you want to complement your home wireless broadband package with one of our home telephone plans, we’ll provide you with an analogue telephone adaptor socket in the back of your router (summer23). This takes the analogue signal from your traditional phone and transfers it into digital data, ready to be transmitted over the internet.

Just plug your current phone into the routers telephone socket, and you’ll instantly be ready to make low cost digital calls!

Why Choose Our Home Digital Telephone Packages?

  • Prices from just £6.00 per month*
  • Add voicemail for an extra £1.00 per month
  • Specialist call packages for UK and Europe
  • Free calls with other I Need Broadband customers
  • Free international calls*
  • Keep your old phone and your old number

Our digital line rental price is just £6.00 when you subscribe to one of our home broadband packages. We charge one off fee of £35.00+£6 postage with new numbers if you dont not have a digital phone ready router; if you want to keep your old number, we charge £65.00+£6 postage for porting and connection.

Digital Phone Price Plans

Pay As You Go £6.00
Pay As You Go + free evening and weekend UK landland calls £7.99
Pay As You Go + free evening, weekend UK landland and mobile calls £9.99
Unlimited anytime calls to UK landline and UK mobile including line rental for *£19.99 per month.


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Local and National Digital phone Packages

For an extra £5.00 a month, you can make up to 500 minutes of 24/7 local and national calls to all UK 01, 02, and 03 numbers.

For an extra £9.99 a month, you can upgrade your telephone package to 1,000 minutes.

If you exceed your monthly allowance, calls are charged at an additional 1p per minute. Calls to UK mobiles are billed from 5p a minute via your top-up credit.

International Digital phone Packages

For an extra £9.99 a month, you can make up to 500 minutes of 24/7 local and national calls, as well as to numerous countries across Europe.

For an extra £14.99 a month, you can upgrade your international calls package to 1,000 minutes.

If you want to make calls to mobiles or numbers not featured in the package, all you have to do is add a small amount of credit to your Pay As You Go account.

Local & National 1p, UK mobiles, 12p most of EU 2p, USA 5p Australia 5p, China 2p

Landline Anywhere

With Landline anywhere, we can take over landline number and divert this to any number you wish, such as your mobile or another landline, the main advantage of this line is that you may only be using a mobile phone and do not want to lose your landline number, as there may be people that only have you landline number such as doctors, banks ect. Never Miss a call.

£9.99 per month with 500mins of diverted call minutes. £25.00 one off setup fee
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For more information about digital phones, or any of our home telephone packages, talk to our sales team on 0115 871 8379.

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Important Information

* Line rental of £6 pcm is only valid when subscribed to a I Need Broadband internet package. Line rental without a I Need Broadband internet package £12.99pcm. All call packages are charged at the current rate .i.e. £5 = 500 minutes, £9.99 = 1,000 minutes UK Geo and Local rate numbers. Inclusive credit will only be topped up once this hits zero minutes.

Unlimited, Evening and weekend calls charged @ 0.00001pm, UK call 01/02/03/07 numbers only, 7pm to 7am GMT 0800 numbers free, 10p connection fee uk unlimited packages, redial after 60mins.

Digital phones are compatible with SKY TV Call Home Services, but is is not suitable for FAX, burglar alarm monitoring, panic button systems, TV red button systems, old bell phones, or data modems.