Ineedbroadband can help you port your phone number. Simply fill in the form below and a member of our support team will be in touch to help you through the process.

We can not currently port SKY numbers:-(

  • Information about your current phone line.

  • Information about the port

  • List all Numbers to be ported
  • I recognise that it is my responsibility to arrange cessation of, or changes to, any other services currently provided by my service provider including ADSL, SDSL, email, domain hosting services or any other services provided by third parties via the line if required. I recognise that it is my responsibility to ensure:
    • All security lines associated with the number must be ceased/transferred.
    • The number must be in service with the current range holder for a port to take place
    • Each individual (not associated) number must be submitted as a separate porting request

Failure to ensure the above may result in a £15 (+VAT) rejection charge.

Please note that failure to provide the correct information will result in port rejection.

If a port is rejected two times or more due to incorrect information, you will be charged an administrative fee of £15 (+VAT) for each subsequent resubmission.