Businesses in your city are now able to exploit the advantages of gigabit speed internet services.

Local businesses in your city can now take advantage of gigabit-speed internet services through I Need Broadband. As a trusted and local ISP, we have built a truly independent next-generation full-fibre internet network that delivers some of the fastest download and upload speeds in the UK, exceeding 1Gbps with our i-fibre services. This new type of full-fibre connectivity can enhance business productivity and provide home workers with office-like speeds, low latency, and hyper-fast remote connections. Our network is rapidly expanding throughout Nottingham, Mansfield, and Derby, bringing high-speed internet access to more businesses and communities than ever before.

In addition to our full fibre broadband services, we also offer point-to-point and dark fibre networks. These networks provide dedicated, high-speed connections between two specific locations, making them an ideal solution for businesses with multiple offices or remote locations that require fast and reliable connectivity. With our point-to-point fibre services, you can enjoy the benefits of a private network without the cost and complexity of building and maintaining your own infrastructure.

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Do you rent a office or building in a managed building or business park?

If you rent space in managed building or on a busines park  then you will no doubt have ask about internet services in your building, Most tenants want super fast internet access. Renting can sometimes be challenging when trying to get fast reliable internet access. With access to thousands of miles of ultra fast fibre, We can help you and others, by installing our ultra fast fibre service into your office space or business park unit. Offering speed package from 50Mbps to 1000Mbps at faction of the cost, To register your rented office space or business park just contact us and we will do the rest, We will need to firstly gain some level of interest from the tenants, we will then survey the building or park, then agree with your facility manager or the landlord to install our service in your building.

Fibre share

If your business is an a multi office building or an industrial park and you do not want to commit to a 36 month contract, why not look at a fibre share, by working with other business in your area we can reduce the contract term to only 28 days in some cases, reduce the month costs for your broadband connection.  Another option is a to host a wireless transmitter on your office (subject to location) by letting us host a wireless broadband transmitter on your building you could receive up to £100 off your monthly fibre broadband costs, why not give us a call to talk about your needs.

All i-fibre contracts are 12/24 and 36 months and are symmetric speeds unless shown. Install lead time typically 10 to 25 days. static ip £5.00 only on business account, POA for more, max /29, the prices above are form only on net connections.

Simple on-net pricing and a postcode checker ensure maximum price certainty. If a site is off net, we’ll consider extending on demand, with cost sharing often available.

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