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Fibre to wireless broadband is here! To book your install today call 0115 8718379. No phone line is required for our ineedbroadband wireless service.

Our latest Home Broadband deals

All prices shown include VAT @ 20% but vat will not be shown on home broadband invoices. VAT is only shown on business broadband invoices

PRICE CHANGE 28/04/17 new price are open to new and existing customers, subject to new contract

* Lite packages are capped and your speed will be reduced to 2mb after you hit your limit. It will remain at this speed until the 1st of the month, or you can purchase extra speed at a cost of £10 per 10gb block. Payment is via paypal online.
** Free budget wireless router is WIFI and may have two or four ethernet ports.
*** Best effort speed = up to the limit of the subscribed package speed available in your area at any given time. Speed is based on burst over 60 seconds. All package speeds and connections are only guaranteed at the point of entry to the building on a cabled connection, wifi connectivity may vary throughout your home or business.

Home broadband connections DO NOT come with any type of public IP address, this means that if you want to access a CCTV systems or a inbound VPN to access services at home, then you will require a SOHO package ( see business broadband).

Telephone offer Terms
*Free Voip Telephone line rental on all 24 month contracts, Line setup fee £35.00 , Porting of own number £25.00, You must topup your calling credit each month with a minimum of £5.00, Rental after 24 months £5.00 pcm. You must order your voip line when placing your broadband order with in 14 days of your broadband install.

* Free home broadband discount code. Discount code can be applied to any I Need Broadband internet service, service is subject to service area, no cash alternative.

4G/3G Superfast: Service speeds may vary depending on your location, network signal, network load. Our service is carried over a third party, the EE network and is not a mobile phone service, this is fixed sim 4G service. Self install package £149.99 or Full engineer install within 30 Miles of Our Nottingham office £249.99, Install outside the 30 mile range POA

You need broadband. That’s why you’re here.

For some people in the UK, browsing home broadband offers must feel as liberating and empowering as a trip to the supermarket: There’s a wealth of options out there, so you’re free to choose the cheapest, the fastest, and the most flexible offer going.

But many people live in “slow spot” and “not spot” areas – locations that are yet to experience the super fast broadband revolution. Whether they’re in the less affluent areas of big towns or cities, or in remote or rural areas, some people have tried to shop for broadband only to find that they must either put up with poor internet speed, or else go without.


But what if there was another way? What if there was a way of enjoying high speed and reliable broadband, even if you live in a notoriously slow spot? What if you were still free to choose from a range of deals, even when all of the major providers have turned you down?

At I Need Broadband, we specialise in providing this alternative solution. No matter where you live, and no matter what you’ve been told before, we can get you online and up to speed with the rest of the connected world.

We have a range of home broadband offers to suit every household – whether you need a stable connection for general everyday use, or a fast and reliable connection for streaming or online gaming.

If you live within range of one of our wireless broadband transmitters, we can provide you with a fast and reliable solution in no time at all. Click here to check the coverage in your area

If you don’t live within range of one of our wireless broadband transmitters, don’t worry – we can still hook you up to our 4G or satellite broadband service.

Do you work from home?

If you work from home, we also offer bespoke broadband packages for home offices.

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