WiFi In Every Room

Since the outbreak of COVID 19 more and more people are working from home, this puts more demand on your broadband and wifi connections,  video conferencing and voip calls from home are the new normal.

Whole home wifi mesh helps you get wifi signals in every corner of your home or business. Seamless video and voip calls, with full home roaming, no more dropped calls as you have walked from one room to another, Stay connected and stay superfast.

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Whether you are streaming TV, gaming online, working from home or doing the weekly online shop, everyone needs a wifi signal that works, no matter where they are in the house. Boost your WiFi coverage with WholeHome ,Select as addon when signing up.

whole home Mesh WiFi system designed for medium to large households with a high speed broadband service. Powered by  Mesh technology, it creates a distributed network with several nodes throughout your home.

All terminals can enjoy high-speed dual-band WiFi6 at the same time, indicating low latency for internet games, smooth streaming of 4K videos and VR HD applications. It features easy and wire-free installation and allows both auto-networking and manual addition. With seamless roaming around the house, the HX mesh series creates a high-speed intelligent Mesh WiFi system throughout your home.

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upto 1000Mbps Mesh wireless 2 pack £109.99 Buy Now

upto 1000Mbps Mesh Router and wireless mesh 2 pack £164.99 Buy Now

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