How do I know if I can get the service?

Use our coverage checker tool to find out if you can be connected to our full fibre or wireless airfibre broadband network. If you’re not within range of one of our broadband networks, we can still hook you up to our 5G-LTE broadband service.

Can i get other broadband supplyers through your full fibre or Airfibre?

The short answer is no, We build our own network and supply our own internet services, we do not have an interconnction with our third partie ISPs.

Do you supply TV services

No we don’t supply TV’s services, we beleave the customer should have the choice to choose any streaming service they would like to use with out being forced to use the ISPs streaming service.

How do I know which package speed I need?

It depends on what you’ll be using the internet for! Every user is different, which is why we offer so many different packages. If you cannot decide which package is right for you, one of our helpful engineers will be happy to advice.

How does the service work?

We own and operate our own full fibre network that is built by our engineers by pulling fibre cables through the openreach ducts and pole, whcihs we have access to as a private infrertructure access customer, we also have a vast area covered by our fixed wireless network (airFibre) . if you want to know how we install fibre to your home click here, If you would like to know more about how we supply our fixed wireless service to your home click here

What is the minimum package speed?

The minimum package speeds are 20Mbps on our Airfibre and 50Mbps on full fibre

Can you guarantee the speeds?

We always try our best to keep speeds at a maximum, even during peak times

How do I know how much data I am using?

You can view your data usage just by logging in to your account.

How much does a movie or catch up TV use on my download allowance?

It depends on the length of the movie or programme, and the quality at which you view it. For example, one hour of HD footage will use about 3Gb of data


How do i run a speedtest

Speedtest should always be carried out when possible on a cabled connection to your router, using a pc or laptop that is no older than 5 years old.

1: power down your aerial and router for 2 mins, power back on wait 2 mins

2:open a web browser and go to or this will test your speeds and show your final test results.

Engineer callouts

1st callout is free even if we find no fault with our equipment and the fault was due the customer, this excludes cut cables or damaged equipment.

2nd callout may be free, but if we find no fault with our equipment the you will be charged the callout as shown below in our callout charge price list, this is the same as another service provider, but if we find the fault is on our side then we will give you a free month and fix your fault for free.

Full callout fee will be charged if an appointment is missed, cancelled, or site not ready for works, unless we have been notified by you on email or telephone 24 hours prior.

Callout Fee’s?

Technical call out fees are based on the distance from our Nottingham Office.

Cut or damaged Cable £45.00, Fibre £99.00+ Callout Fee

No Fault found £55.00

Damaged Aerial or Fibre damaged due to cut cable. £99.00 +Callout Fee

Callout fee 0-10 Miles £55.00

Callout Fee 10-20 Miles £99.00

Saturday Callout £155.00

Sunday Callout £255.00

Can I change package if I have picked the wrong one? How much will it cost to change?

Yes, you can upgrade your package at any time.

Will Sky work with your service?

Yes, Sky TV’s on demand services works, but you may need extra equipment from sky for skyQ

Will I still get BT Sport?

Unless you have a BT Sports online package from BT, we’re afraid not.

Where can I see my invoices?

All invoices are stored online in your account.

Can I choose my payment date on Direct Debit?

Unfortunately, we require for all payments to be made on the 28th of each month

Do I need to upgrade my router?

You will be issued a free budget router with your install,that guarantees wifi coverage in one room, but you can change the router to one of your choice or install a wifi mesh system.

Where will the router be installed?

The engineers will discus this on the day of install.

What ports are open on the router?

All ports are open on all packages, but only SOHO and Business customers can use port forwarding as these come with an individual public IP

Can I use a VPN on a home package?

You can only use VPN on SOHO and Business packages if your VPN requires a dedicated IP, if you can access your VPN from a hotspot/hotel then your VPN will work on a home service.

Is your service compatible with my PlayStation / Xbox?

Yes, some user may see nat issues and may need to open ports on their router

How do you manage to provide faster speeds than BT?

It’s because our service does not depend on copper cables. Instead, all signals are transmitted at the speed of light across our own network of wireless transmitters, and performance does not diminish over distance.

How do I order the service?

First, use our coverage checker tool to ensure that our service is available in your area. Then it’s simply a case of getting in touch, and telling us what you need!

Do i get a VAT invoice?

All prices show on our website include VAT at 20% unless otherwise stated. All home product invoices do not have the VAT broken out on the invoice, our VAT number is shown on the top right of the invoice. All business products are inclusive of VAT at 20% and have the VAT broken out on the invoice. We are fully VAT registered and it is legal to claim VAT back from a VAT registered company up to the sum of £250:00 with out a VAT invoice.

I work from home sometimes, can I use the home service for my work?

Yes you can use any home package to work from home. Any faults will be dealt with under the standard home service level agreement of 48 hours.

Do I need a business account if I work from home?

If you need access to VPN, CCTV, Remote server access in your home/small business and need a static public IP, then your will need a SOHO or Business package.

Is the SOHO package suitable for my business needs?

SOHO packages are for small office home office users, that require priority traffic in working hours, VPN access or static public IP address.

How small is a small office? What is the maximum number of staff on a SOHO connection?

We would say that a SOHO is suitable for up to five people.

How reliable is the service?

Very reliable! Our uptime per month is around 99.98%

Where are your masts located?

You can view the location of our masts on our coverage maps.

If I want to use your phone service, can I get rid of my BT line?

Yes, you can stop your BT line and port your number over.

How does the phone work without a landline?

We use a technology call VOIP, which is similar to Skype, We supply you with a small adaptor that you plug in to your internet router, and plug you telephone set into the adaptor.

Can I keep my old BT number?

Yes, you can port your number over from you current line suppliers to us.

Can I order the phone and broadband at the same time?

Phones can be ordered seven days after your broadband install.

Do I need a special phone?

No, any standard handset will work with our service.

How is the service charged?

Your line rental is charged to your account and your calling credit top up.

How do I order the phone service?

You can speak to customer services, or fill in the porting form.

How do I cancel my service?

If you are outside your contracted period .i.e 12 or 24 months, then you will be on a 28 day rolling connection, To cancel your service you must give 28 days notice via writing or via our support ticket portal ( preferred method) to our billing department inline with the terms and conditions.

If you are still inside your contract period you will be liable to pay a one off charge of £200.00  contracted period. Should you cancel or stop your direct debit before your contract has ended or final payment has completed then you will have breached your contract and you will be liable to pay a one off charge of £200.00.

What if i move home or business

What if i move home or business premises, can i transfer my contract to the new owner or tenant. NO you must cancel your service inline with the terms and conditions.

Need help

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