lightning-fast internet speeds, unbeatable reliability, and exceptional customer support

I-Fibre is the future of internet connectivity, At Ineedbroadband, we believe that everyone deserves better broadband, which is why we’ve built our own full fibre network from the ground up.

Our full fibre broadband is the fastest and most reliable connection available, delivering lightning-fast download and upload speeds with unbeatable reliability. Whether you’re streaming, gaming, working, or browsing, our service provides the speed and reliability you need to stay connected.

Unlike many internet service providers, we are not a reseller – we build and maintain our own fibre network, ensuring that our customers get the fastest and most reliable connection available. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing you with the help and support you need to get the most out of your service, and our competitive pricing means that you can enjoy the benefits of full fibre broadband without breaking the bank.

Our i-Fibre Home service is available in a range of packages  from 50Mbps to 1000Mbps to suit your needs, from basic internet access to all-in-one packages that can include phone services. And with our commitment to exceptional customer service and support, you can rest assured that you’re in good hands.

But don’t just take our word for it – hear what our satisfied customers have to say. “i-Fibre Home has transformed the way I use the internet,” says Sarah, a customer from Nottingham. “The speeds are lightning-fast, and the customer service is exceptional.”

Ready to experience the future of internet connectivity? Sign up for i-Fibre Home today and join our growing list of satisfied customers.

Current Live Areas Ng17-8** and NG15-0** , Newstead village, Jasmine Gardens, Willow fields, Annseley Felly, Larwood Kirby-in-Ashfield.

Coming soon Newstead Abbey Park click here

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Do not worry if you live in an area that we have not enabled yet! you can regsiter your street  below.

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If 30% of your community lets us know that they want in on the Hyper-fast revolution, we’re there! And you could help us make it happen.


Do you live or own or manage a multi tenanted building?

If you own or manage a MDU then you will no doubt have been asked about internet services in your building, Most tenants want super fast internet access. Living in MDU can sometimes be challenging when trying to get fast reliable internet access. With access to thousands of miles of ultra fast fibre, We can help you and tenants, by installing our ultra fast fibre service into your multi tenanted unit. To register your MDU just contact us and we will do the rest, We will need to firstly gain some level of interest from your tenants, we will then survey the building, then agree with your facility manager or the landlord to install our service in your building.

All i-fibre contracts are 24 months and are symmetric speeds unless shown. Install lead time typically 10 to 25 days.

Simple on-net pricing and a postcode checker ensure maximum price certainty. If a site is off net, we’ll consider extending on demand, with cost sharing often available.

Package speeds All I-Fibre home packages are based on maximum burst speeds, this means you will always get the maximum speed unless you have a heavy download or upload then you will get an average speed as outlined. 100Mbps Max, After burst 50Mbps, 250Mbps Max, After Burst 100Mbps, 500Mbps Max, After Burst 250Mbps, 1Gbps Max, After burst 500Mbps. Burst times are calculated over an average time, so if you download or upload a large file and this takes 20sec then the average limit is not triggered, if a large file takes 1hr, then you will see a average speed of your package, our system will release you to the maximum and then drop back to the average until your heavy transfer is completed, this helps to keep the network speeds stable for all users, not all service are affected, things like TV streams, browsing, emails without large attachments very rarely trigger the average burst limiter.