So, you want to find  superfast 4G speeds? I Need Broadband can send our broadband over EE’s network which means we can provide you with superfast speeds over the UK’s biggest, fastest and most reliable 4G network.

faster for downloading videos, music and emails.

Without a fast network, using data is just annoying; Google Maps can’t tell you where you are, Netflix keeps crashing, and all Youtube shows you is the buffering wheel of doom. That’s why we’ve created our fixed 4G broadband to give you the content you want, when you want it.

Superfast speeds even when there’s low signal

If you get patchy signal at home or in your business, We can now still get you superfast speeds using a powerfull external dish aerial.

We install a high gain 4G dish on the out side of your home or business, a ethernet cable is ran in to your building and connected to a dual band wifi router or your own network.

We then transmit your internet service over EE’s network to our core internet service point in Nottingham and send it on its way to world wide web.

Static Ip address

As a business customer we can offer you a true static IP address direct to your own router or one supplied by ineedbroadband, very few company’s offer this, we can also offer full Layer 2 communications between multiple locations if you need to link offices together on a large WAN.

Note: speeds may vary due to EE network load 

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These are just some of the ways in which our business can help you to make your communications less expensive and more efficient. For more information on what we can do for you

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