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In today's connected world, it's impossible for businesses to function without a fast and stable broadband connection.

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All prices shown include VAT @ 20% VAT is only shown on business broadband invoices.

PRICE CHANGE 28/04/17 new price are open to new and existing customers, subject to new contract

* Lite packages are capped and your speed will be reduced to 2mb after you hit your limit. It will remain at this speed until the 1st of the month, or you can purchase extra speed at a cost of £10 per 10gb block. Payment is via paypal online.
** Free budget wireless router is WIFI and may have two or four ethernet ports.
*** Best effort speed = up to the limit of the subscribed package speed available in your area at any given time. Speed is based on burst over 60 seconds.

Business Broadband Offers​

In today’s connected world, it’s impossible for businesses to function without a fast and stable broadband connection.

For many businesses, this isn’t a problem at all. When you’re based in a major city or in a sizeable business park, super-fast broadband can be sent to your premises with ease.

But what if you’re based in a less connected part of the city? What if you’re based in a small town, or in a remote rural area?

Many businesses who are based in these slow spot and no spot areas have been told by the major providers that they must either put up with poor internet speed, or else go without. And given that no business can survive in today’s increasingly digital market without some kind of internet connection, many businesses have been made to understand that they’ll simply have to make do with slower speeds and unreliable connections.

But at I Need Broadband, we know that this is not the case. With our range of advanced wireless broadband solutions, we specialise in helping businesses of all kinds enjoy the fast connections they need to succeed. And if you’re not based within range of one of our wireless broadband transmitters, satellite broadband can still see you right.

We have specialist business broadband offers for small businesses, large offices, and home office users.

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