Your Tplink ex320v Or vx230v










If you have reset your router then you will need to follow the steps below.

If you are connecting by wifi then connect to the routers wifi network name and password as show on the base of the router, if your device says no internet, press yes continue, some apple devices will fail at this point and you will need to use a none apple device or laptop on a cable to the routers LAN port.

  1. Connect to your router via wifi or a cable
  2. Open your web browser and got to, this should bring up a tplink page asking you to change the password, Enter and password : example: admin123
  3. The router will now ask you to login using the password you just created
  4. Select your region and time zone and the click next.
  5. Next the router will ask you to select your IPS use the default (other) click next
  6. Here you enter your PPPOE username and password as issued on your welcome email, click next (DO NOT enable vlan), If you have a vx230v you need to select EWAN
  7. The next page will show you your wifi setting, leave as default Click next
  8. The router will then test your connection, make sure your routers WAN/Internet cable is plugged in the blue socket and your fibre modem or aerial power unit is on. click next and you should get success if you do not get this click back and check your pppoe settings.
  9. if you do not have voip telephone with us then click next and finish.
Voip Telephone Settings

If you have voip telephone then follow the next steps

To setup you voip telephone click +Add

  1. Select Other Provider
  2. Phone Number: this your sip voip account ID 74xxxxxxx
  3. Registrar Address:
  4. Authentication ID: this your sip voip account ID 74xxxxxxx
  5. Password: this your sip voip account password
  6. click advanced
  7. Registrar port: 5060
  8. sip proxy:
  9. sip proxy port: 5060
  10. Outbound proxy:
  11. Outbound proxy port: 5065
  12. Register with outbound proxy ticked
  13. click ok and you should see the voip telephone light come on.

If you have any issues please check all pppoe and sip ID details are correct before calling 0115 8718379