Tenda Nova MW3/MW5 Mesh cube

If you have reset your router then you will need to follow the steps below.

You can only setup these devices from a mobile phone using the tendawifi app then connect by wifi, connect to the routers wifi network name and password as show on the base of the nova, if your device says no internet, press yes continue, some apple devices will fail at this point and you will need to use a none apple device.

You will need to download the TendaWifi APP from the Google play store and Apple app store, once installed your will need to register with tenda, you can do this with a social media account, orĀ  create an account.

  1. Make sure your have the cable from your fibre/aerial modem power unit plug into the NOVAs WAN port and the NOVA powered on.
  2. Open your wifi setting on your phone and look for the wifi name NOVA-xxxxxx this will match the wifi name on the base of the master unit.
  3. Now connect to the NOVA wifi using the password on the bottom of the master unit, your phone will connect but may says no internet, press continue or yes.
  4. Now open the tenda wifi app, which you should have installed.
  5. The app will open and you should see the welcome to nova
  6. Click setup
  7. Then the nova should detect your internet connection type, this is PPPOE (no other)
  8. Here you enter your PPPOE username and password as issued on your welcome email
  9. The next-page you can setup your wifi network name and password, we suggest that you enter the same details that are on the bottom of the master NOVA.
  10. Your phone should disconnect and you may need to reconnect back the nova wifi network name, if you have changed it from default then you will need to login with your details you created.

If you have any issues please check all pppoe and sip ID details are correct before callingĀ 0115 8718379