Tenda AC8 dual band

If you have reset your router then you will need to follow the steps below.

If you are connecting by wifi then connect to the routers wifi network name and password as show on the base of the router, if you device says no internet continue , press yes, some apple devices will fail at this point and your will need to use a none apple device or laptop on a cable to the routers LAN port.

Step 1 Connect your router.
1. Power on the router using the power adaptor included in the package.
2. Connect the LAN port from aerials power unit to the WAN port of the router.
3. Either connect your computer to a LAN port of the router with a cable, or connect your WiFi-enabled device, such as a smartphone, to the default WiFi name of the router. The default wireless network and password name is on the bottom label of the router.

Step 2 Set up the router. (Here we use a computer to set up the router)
1. Start a web browser on the computer that has connected to the router, and visit tendawifi.com or
2. The router detects your connection type automatically.
3. PPPoE should be used, Here you enter your PPPOE username and password as issued on your welcome email.
4. Customise the WiFi Name and WiFi Password if you would like and click OK

If you have any issues please check all pppoe and sip ID details are correct before callingĀ 0115 8718379