• Your agreement provides for an increase in your monthly bill effective each April, based on the Consumer Price Index (CPI) plus 4%, excludes product offer prices, business fixed price annual contracts are not affected until the end of there term.
  • We use the CPI figure published by the Office for National Statistics in January and apply the change in April each year, in line with your terms and conditions

  • In the event that the rate of CPI is negative, we’ll only increase your monthly bill by 4% in the relevant year, or if you are our of your current contract then we will bring you inline with the current website prices for your products.

  • The 4% reflects the investments we need to make in our network, rising costs of equipment and services from our suppliers.

Your agreement provides for your monthly cost to go up by 8%. This reflects the UK Consumer Price Index (CPI) at 4% (as published in January 2023), plus an additional 4% to cover the increasing costs of operating our network or wholesale costs associated with supplying your services – as set out in your agreement with us.

We will inform you of any CPI changes on your invoice email, 30 days in advance.

How much more will I pay?

Here are some of our examples of current plan costs to give an idea of how much extra you’ll pay.

Current monthly plan

Extra cost