Mail server settings

What is the e-mail servers pop3 address?

What is the e-mail servers SMTP address?

What is my e-mail account user name?

It’s your e-mail address, i.e

What is my e-mail password?

This is the password you were given when you signed up with ineedbroadband

Router Setting and ports

I can not get the logon screen (splash screen) but i get a ip address?

You must open port 5280 on you router of firewall.

I can not get to the web-mail page?

Open port 2095 on you router or firewall

Outlook Help

How do i set up my e-mail account with outlook express or outlook?

1. Open Outlook Express

2. Move to the Tools drop down menu and select Accounts

3. Select Add Mail from the right menu option.

4. In the “account name box”, enter a name for your mail account (e.g. “My Account”), and click “Next.”

5. In the “Email Box”, enter the email address for this account (your and click “Next.”

6. Set “Mail Server Names”: My incoming mail server is a POP3 server. Setup incoming POP and outgoing SMTP mail server as:

7. Enter the “Login and Password” for this email account. Use the “full email address” as the login name of the account and password you already know.

8. Click “Finish”.

9. Do not exit your account settings yet! Highlight your new account name you just setup and select Properties

10. In the properties dialog box, select Servers, then select the My Server Requires Authentication.