First you need a PC with wireless capabilities, either onboard (built in) or via a plug in USB adapter available from any PC shop or from Ineedbroadband, (we only support equipment bought from Ineedbroadband).

Step 1

Use your wireless facility to “search for available networks”

Step 2

Select to connect to the Ineedbroadband signal

Step 3

Check the strength of the signal you are receiving, it needs to be a constant 2 bars minimum to give a good level of service

Step 4

Open your web browser, (internet explorer or firefox etc), you will then see the “Welcome to ineedbroadband” page, this page will have 2 boxes for you to enter your loggin name and password if you are already a client of ineedbroadband. If you are new to ineedbroadband you will need to slide down the page a little where you will see the options for purchasing from 1 to 30 days broadband access.

Step 5

Select the buy now button for the number of days you would like to purchase. You will then have 2 options of payment type, either Paypal (you need to set up an account with paypal online to use this service) or Nochex secure online card payments.

Step 6

Fill in your details exactly as they appear on you bank statement and card you are using. The next page you will see if paying by Nochex is your own banks visa verification page, (for security purposes), once your card has been verified you will then be thanked for your payment and continue to the next page to create your loggin and password.

Step 7

Write down or print your details, (these are all case sensitive! so take care to be exact) and click loggin now. You are now fully connected to the internet and should be looking at your home page.

The next time you use your PC, you will get the “Welcome to Ineedbroadband” screen and put your details in the loggin boxes to get access to the internet.

If you try the service and decide you wish to go on to a 12 month contract simply type into your address bar along the top you will see a PURPLE menu bar, look for the packages menu, click on home user, where you will find details of available packages and our downloadable/printable Direct Debit form, fill this in and send it off.

If you do not have a printer available you will see details in the “contact us” menu on how to call Ineedbroadband we will then post one out to you

If you find you are having difficulty and would like help, please do not hesitate to contact us, where a member of our team will be happy to assist you.