Newstead Abbey Park

Signup to day and get Ultrafast speeds

We are working very hard to bring you our ultrafast internet. You may start to our engineers fitting cables in your neighbour hood, these are full fibre optic cables that connect your area to our ultra fast fibre network.

  • Phase 1: Right hand side of the drive way and lakeside (late Dec23/early Jan24)
  • Phase 2: Station Ave (Early to mid Jan24)
  • Phase 3: Left hand side of the drive way, Brackenwood Area (Mar24/May24)
  • Phase 4: A60, B638 and B6020 (May24/June24)

So how do we do it?

This is not Sky, This not BT, This not Talk Talk, This is I-Fibre, Our network your internet!

If you see our engineers in your area they will be happy to answer your questions, but they are also busy installing your new fibre network, so it may better for you to call our friendly local staff.

Call 0115 8718379

Our broadband packages cost as little as £26.00 and speed choices upto 1000Mbps

Installation prices are based on survey in this area due to the complexity of area

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Sign up today for one of our ultrafast internet packages and we will make sure that you are one of the first to be online

Don’t worry about the cost of the install, you can split this over three payments